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934-0383ALS 4 Pull-out Tactical Command System w/Whiteboard  $3,375.00

Heavy Duty Command / Storage System
with 3 drawers, slide-out Whiteboard and
cargo partition.
* 4 Pull-outs: Three drawers and one adjustable
* Heavy Duty Construction - Black epoxy powder
coated aluminum and steel constructon.

Subframe Assembly REQUIRED for Ford
Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, Yukon and Suburban.

Subframe Assembly add $185.00

Specify vehicle when ordering.
Important note: Expediton must verify
EL / Maxx, Civilian or Municipal package.
Tahoe must verify XL or standard length
2 or 4 Wheel Drive.

Additional Information
Full Engineers Diagram
934-0383ALS 4 Pull-out Tactical Command System w/Whiteboard
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Full Engineers Diagram
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