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Full-Size Slide-Out Electronics Storage Tray

Slide-Out aluminum tray for upper truck deck.
Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction, will not bend,
sag or rust over time.

Mounting Surface area-42" x 19.5 (CV)
Mounting Surface varies per vehicle

ST04-04-08 CV: Ford Crown Vic.
932- Ford Interceptor Sedan
ST05-IMP-03-05: Chevy Impala 03-05
ST05-IMP-06-UP: Chevy Impala 2006 and newer
932-0022A: 2011 Chevy Caprice
ST05-CHRGR-06: 2006-10 Dodge Charger (pictured below)
932-0015A: 2011 Dodge Charger

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Full-Size Slide-Out Electronics Storage Tray
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