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LS461HPP Handheld Master Control

Handheld all-in one Siren/Lightbar/Arrow Control
Operates everything!

With less and less room for more and more equipment
in your vehicle the 385HF is vital.

This is a Full Feature Siren/Lightbar/Arrow Controller

Full feature siren with all the bells and wistles including
a few extra features,
12 user selectable siren tones, and hook up a second
speaker for 2-tone activation at one time.
Of course it has Manual tone, PA and PA Override.

NEW Class D Technology with high speed digital switching
in 10-30VDC switching range providing higher effeciency,
less current draw and better reliability. Class D provides
constant power to the speaker over the voltage range
ensuring decible level is still at specification with low
input and not overpowering the speaker at high voltages,
this helps prevent speaker burnout.

Handheld Controller features 3-phase programmable switching
replacing bulky, high maintenance mechanical slide switches.
Each switch provides between 10-20 amps.

6 programmable auxillary switches which can be selected
to operate as ON/OFF toggel, momentary or 8 second delay
Selected switches can also be used for (+) or (-) activation
for operation of devices or functions needing (-) current for
operation and/or activation.

One button Arrow Control with LED pattern indicators for
Arrow Left, Arrow Right and Hazard Flash.
One button Alley Light Control with LED indicators for
Alley Left and Alley Right activation.

Handheld control is made with water resistant rubber
membrane push buttons.
Controller is backlit in green and buttons turn red
when activated.
Audio tone remindes you when a button is "ON" and
indicates when a function is activated.

System comes with legends for customization, mounting
bracket, mounting cradle, amplifier, handheld controller
and cables.

Controller measures: 5.13"H x 2.5"W x 1.25"D.
Amplifier measures: 2.66"H x 8.67"W x 5.66"D.
SAE and CA Title 13 Certified
3-Year Warranty

Less Space-More Control, 1 Device. LS385HF.

Additional Information
Legends for LS385HF
LS461HPP Handheld Master Control
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LS385HF Controller & Amp
LS461HPP Handheld Master Control
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ls385HF Full System
LS461HPP Handheld Master Control
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Handheld Controller
LS461HPP Handheld Master Control
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LS461HPP Handheld Master Control
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