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Magnum 48 inch 100% LED Law Enforcement Lightbar  $0.00

NEW MAGNUM Lightbar. Extreme Intensity.
This lightbar will cost you LESS money, usually that
means you have to sacrifice something, quality,
intensity or depopulation of components, NOT IN
THIS CASE. The Magnum 100% LED Lightbar is an
incredible lightbar at an unbelievable price.

The Magnum is precision built, easy to configure
and capable of many extra features including
a Tri-Color Rear Directional Smart Arrow.
NO special or "Proprietary" control box is needed, the
Magnum can be operated off of almost any type of
controller from our high-end 380SRS, ETSA380MF to a
standard SW16 $59.95 control box, NO special Arrow
Control Box is needed either.

Tri-Color Smart Directional Arrow:
Smart: No Proprietary Controller, Arrow operates
off of 1 or 2 switches, base on your switch configurations.
Tri-Color: When Amber LED's are not in use the lightheads
flash Red and Blue and flash "Non-Directional"
Warning flash patterns of your choice.
Tri-Color Smart Directional Arrow is available with a
standard multi-color lighthead with 6 LED's or a
High Density 12 LED version for extra kick.

Precision optics produce an incredible warning signal.
You get your choice of lighthead population.
Choose from the following LIGHTHEAD configurations:
6 or 12 LED's per Corner Lighthead - 4 per lightbar.
3 or 6 LED's per Inboard Lighthead - 10 per 48" lightbar.
3 LED's per Takedown Lighthead - 2,3,4,6 per 48" lightbar.
3 LED's per Alley Lighthead - 2 per lightbar.

User Selectable Flash Patterns:
18 Flash patterns per pair of Lightheads.
5 Directional Arrow Patterns.
Non-Volatile Memory.

Super-Powerful LED Takedown and Alley Lights:
Each LED Takedown and Alley Light uses 3-3 watt
LED's producing 215 lumens per lighthead.
Each Law Enforcement Magnum INCLUDES 2 LED Alley
Lights and your choice of 2,3,4 or 6 LED Takedown Lights.
48 inch Law Enforcement Lightbars have 2 LED Takedown
Lights INCLUDED, Add $25.00 for EACH LED Takedown Light
to be added (maximum of 6 per 48 inch bar).

Magnum is available in sized from 23 to 72 inches.
48 inch Magnum will fit most applications but a 54
inch version is available for large SUV's if desired.

Magnum Lightbars come with a 5-Year Warranty
and Light and Siren's Faster-Than-Factory Warranty.
SAE Class 1 Certified.
Made in Hudsonville Michigan USA.

Click a link below to view a PDF
Magnum 48 inch Lightbar (rear)
#1232TCA-HD Rear (amber LED's ON)
#1232TCA-HD Rear (amber LED's OFF)
Magnum LED Takedown / Alley Light Assy.
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