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Nforce QUANTUM plus TCA, LED Lightbar


Nforce QUANTUM plus TCA 100% LED Lightbar

You have never seen anything like the new Nforce lightbar.
New innovative solution for Emergency Vehicle Warning.
Dynamic angles and crisp edges make a sleek low profile
Silhouette for less wind drag and better fuel mileage.
No hard - straight corners that black airflow and increase
wind drag..
Don't let its sexy curves fool you this lightbar looks
smooth but is built and performs like nothing you have
ever seen.

Tremendous power from new NEXUS Wide Angle LED

Super Bright LED Takedown and Alley Lights are included.
If no Takedown Lights are needed we will add additional
LED warning lightheads in your choice of colors.

The back of the lightbar features a Tri-Color Rear Warning
Function, when the AMBER LEDís are not being used the
FULL back of the lightbar will flash Red/Blue or the primary
Color(s) of your choice.

See diagram below.

The new Nforce lightbar also features Staged "Mode of Operation"
in-which the lightbar can change between 2 -3 pre-selected
modes and flash patterns based on the mode of the controller.

Call us today at 1-800-778-7623 to configure your Nforce Lightbar.
Price listed is for a loaded lightbar with mounting kit.

Nforce Optimum:
* 18 LED Lightheads.
** Takedown Lights.
** Alley Lights.
* Smooth rounded corners and low profile for less wind drag and better fuel mileage.
* 48 inch length.
* 2-3/8 inches high.
* Top of lightbar can be BLACK, RED, AMBER, BLUE or WHITE.
* Operates on 10-17 VDC systems
* SAE Class 1 Certified.
* Made in Hudsonville Michigan, USA.
* 5-Year Factory Warranty.
* Light and Siren Faster-Than-Factory Warranty
* * Optional - Prep and Peak Service (add $75.00)

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Nforce Quantum w/TCA
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