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Magnum Maxx - Supercharged Magnum Lightbar

Magnum Maxx LED Lightbar.
More LED, More Power.
We have taken the Magnum LED Lightbar and
added more LED's making it even brighter.

Since the Magnum Lightbar came out in 2012
it has been a solid, reliable product at a very
affordable price so we decided to make it even
brighter, add a few features and put it all together
in a very affordable package.
You get two T3 LED Takedown Lights standard (six
T-1 Takedown Lights),
that's 1500 lumens of Takedown Power.
Maximum Power LED Alley Lights are also included.
Each Lighthead now has 6 LED's for an even
brighter signal and you get your choice of a solid
color Rear Directional Arrow, an interweave Tri-Color
Rear Directional Arrow with 6 LED's in each lighthead
or a High Density Tri-Color Rear Arrow with 12 LED's
in each lighthead.
The Magnum Maxx and the Magnum can be customized
to you departments specifications and is available in
sizes from 23 to 73 inches.
We can now add colored domes at your request.
Magnum Maxx and Magnum are SAE Class 1 Certified
and made in Hudsonville Michigan USA.
3 Diagrams are attached below.

Each Magnum Maxx comes with:
* 22 LED Lightheads.
* 6 T1-LED Takedown Lights (2-T3).
* 2 T1-LED Alley Lights.
* 14 LED Warning Lightheads.
** If Takedown Lights are not needed extra Warning
Lightheads in your choice of colors will be added in
their place.
* Mounting Kit.
* Lightbar configured to your specifications.
* Rear Solid Color Directional Arrow, if Directional
Arrow is not needed additional Warning Lightheads
of your choice in color will be added in its place.
* Rear Directional Arrow can have 4 or 6 lighteads
in a 48 inch bar.
* 5-Year Warranty.
* Light and Siren Faster-Than-Factory Warranty.
Magnum Maxx #MM66T3: $1195.00

* OPTIONAL Prep-And-Peak service for maximum
effectiveness of your lightbar, Customized Guide
(Cheat Sheet) to help wire your lightbar with
wire-to-wire instructions and technical assistance.
Add $75.00 per lightbar.

**OPTION: Upgrade Solid Color Rear Directional Arrow
to Tri-Color Interweave, when AMBER LED's are not in
use the lightheads change color from AMBER to RED or
BLUE. There are 6 LED's per lighthead. Add $50.00.
See diagram:
Magnum Maxx #MM66T3-TCA6 total price: $1245.00

***OPTION: Upgrade the LED count in the Tri-Color Rear
Arrow from 6 LED's per lighthead to High Density 12 LED's
per lighthead for extra rear warning power. Add $100.00.
Magnum Maxx #MM66T3-TCA12HD total price: $1345.00

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