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Wide Angle nForce Surface Mount LED

nForce Wide Angle Surface Mount LED Lights.

Displays up to 3 colors per fixture.
Available with one color output.
Available with two color output.
Available with three color output.

Versions using WHITE LED's also double as extra
Work/Takedown Lights though a steady burn mode
activated by a separate wire.

The nForce lights are not divided into different sections
of light like all other lights on the market, with the nForce
lights the whole light changes color. Only 6 LED versions
with two colors are available in "split" configurations-
"example - 1/2 red, 1/2 blue".
All other versions will flash the whole fixture the first color
followed by the second color followed by the 3rd color then
back to first color.

The nForce lights use Nexus technology and provide up
to 110 degrees of class 1 wide angle warning power.
nForce Lights are available in Surface Mount, Deck/Grille
mount, Windshield mount and Recessed Mount.

nForce lights are available in 6,9,12 and 18 LED's per

6 LED Single or Split color output Surface Mount: $96.28
9 LED Single color output Surface Mount: $105.56
12 LED Dual color output Surface Mount: $111.50
18 LED Tri-color output Surface Mount: $128.00

* Available in BLACK, WHITE or CHROME housings.
* SAE Class1 Certified.
* Operates on 10-16VDC.
* Optional 10-30VDC versions available.
* Non-volatile Memory
* 10 plus user selectable flash patterns, based on number
of colors per light. 10 pattern minimum, single color.
* Can be synchronized with other lights using "Light Sync
* 5-Year Warranty.
* Light and Siren Faster-Than-Factory Warranty.

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nForce - Grille/Deck Mount
Wide Angle nForce Surface Mount LED
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